Artemisia is a young brand, designing and creating out of a small town in northern Italy. We started our company in late 2015 as a women’s footwear brand, thanks to our founder’s family legacy in the shoe business.

As we approached the market we touched first hand all the waste and environmental impact there is to the fashion industry, that was when we understood that what we wanted to do was something different, something that could bring a positive change. We started to think of a new direction to take, we wanted to make beautiful clothing and accessories that made us not only look good but also feel good about what we were wearing form an environmental point of view.

It took a lot of hard work, trial and error, but we are now finally able to present an apparel collection that is sustainable, with a small environmental footprint. All garments and bags are produced by specialized artisanal laboratories here in Italy, the shoes collection is produced abroad using sustainable methods and processes. We source sustainable fabrics and vintage garments, we incorporate sustainable practices throughout our supply chain in order to make gorgeous styles at a faction of the environmental impact of conventional fashion.

We are a small company but our mission is big and we hope to accomplish it with our like-minded customers, together we can make a difference.



Our lead designer is our founder. The creative process starts with her, she designs with women in mind, every detail is crafted form a women’s perspective, from the endless search for the perfect silouette to the most comfortable and beautiful fabric.

Pattern Making

Once the design is made it is up to our patternmaker to make the magic happen and create the final pattern. Fit is so important to us, this is why we spend hours to find the perfect one. Once the pattern is approved we create a first sample, we then try it on to as may girls as possible to ensure it fits just right, usually one or two revisions are made before going into production.


Fabric is another crucial part of the process. We look for great prints, a soft hand, and the right drape. We use sustainable fabrics, vintage pieces and dead stock from Italy’s finest companies. If we only find small rolls of fabric we love we buy them anyway and make as many dresses we can out of them, sometimes we are able to make only a few dresses out of a roll but if the print is great it is definitely worth it.


The quality of our product is paramount. We are lucky to be based at the heart of one of Italy’s oldest textile and garment districts, we rely on these local artisanal labs that thanks to the experience and skills built up in years of activity help us bring to life beautiful dresses and garments, curated in every detail.


Our attention to sustainable practices goes to packaging too, we mainly use recycled materials and create unique packages that we hope will be kept for future use. Most of the boxes are hand printed by us using custom rubber stamps, we carefully wrap each piece and give the final touch with a nice rope bow and your order is ready to ship.


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