“Art, the strongest and truest expression of the self. Mind, the guide of imagination, the limitless space of creation, the awareness of representation. Beauty, pleasure of the senses and satisfaction of the eye through balance of color and form.”

Artemisia, based in a small traditional town close to Venice, was launched in May 2015 as a shoes and accessories brand . Thanks to a five-decade legacy in the shoe industry passed to Artemisia’s founder by her family and by working side by side with our trusted suppliers around the world, it was possible to create a vision that blends Italian sense of style with a more international approach. Product design and material sourcing are personally carried out with time and care by Artemisia’s founder who finds inspiration in art, travel and precious relationships.

In June 2016 Artemisia launched its first clothing collection and is now establishing itself as a lifestyle brand thought for young globetrotters, free spirits and wild dreamers.


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